International Mail Time Constraints

International mail time constraints are at the mercy of the destination country. Packages can average between 2 weeks to 2 months to arrive due to Foreign Customs. Some countries will experience a delay in delivery due to poor postal service policies and or procedures. Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Germany can experience delays near the two month range. Some international countries will charge additional customs fees or a duty-tax on packages entering from foreign countries, which is also at the mercy of the destination country and is out of our control, the UK is one of the countries where we find this happening. All international orders are at the discretion of the buyer, there is no guarantee that packages will arrive after leaving US Customs, this again is at the mercy of the destination country and said country's postal service. All orders will be 100% completed and shipped through the US Postal Service and tracking numbers will be provided via email. All international orders are final and no refunds will be provided even if packages do not arrive. In the event that a package does not arrive, please call us at 719-373-1240 (MST).